Welcome to the Virginia Patriot Fund

Who Are We?

We are a group of Virginians dedicated to fighting for the future prosperity of our country and commonwealth.

Virginia Patriot Fund is a grassroots superPAC that will fund and back candidates who protect Life, Liberty, and the U.S. Constitution. We are a right-of-center coalition comprised of Tea Party, Conservative Party, Libertarian Party, Constitution Party, Republican Party, Independents and #WalkAway. We are Virginia Patriots.

Our Mission

Our mission is to endorse and support Virginia Patriots who are dedicated to restoring our Liberty via limiting and reducing the size and scope of the federal government; who will stand up against communism/socialism; who promote free and fair trade among free nations; who protect human life; support tax reform; term limits, balanced budgets and a robust privatization project to secure our retirement and healthcare.

Driving the mission of the Virginia Patriot Fund is Matthew Waters, 51, who serves as president of the SuperPAC.  Matt was the 2018 Libertarian nominee for U.S. Senate in Virginia. Matt's campaign garnered nearly 65,000 votes and fought for common sense domestic and foreign policies that would protect America, including ending the $22 trillion national debt, building a 600-Ship Navy and removing U.S. troops from our forward facing bases in over 150 countries, and protecting human life. His Libertarian candidacy was endorsed by the Tea Party, the Constitution Party, BlackPAC, BlackWomenWalk, and the editor of the American Conservative magazine. Matt was the only conceal and carry candidate in the Senatorial race, and received an "A" rating from Gun Owners of America.

Meet The Team

Matt Waters


Matt is a life-long Virginian who is married to Anne Marie. Together they homeschool their children. Matt is active in his Alexandria community, serving as an Assistant Scout Master in Boy Scout Troop 131, as well as in his local church, Del Ray Baptist. Matt is a Life Member of the National Rifle Association. Matt is a graduate of George Mason University and is finishing his Masters Degree at Reformed Theological Seminary.

Matt has spent over 20 years in the non-profit sector as Executive Director at the 60/Plus Association; Vice President at Care Net, head of business development at Richard Viguerie's American Target Advertising, Senior Development Officer at Institute for Humane Studies and Students For Liberty.  As CEO of the Waters.Agency, he is currently assisting multiple national non-profit organizations raise funds via direct mail, email and e-commerce, social media, and in 1:1 business and individual relationships.

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Michael Maibach

Michael Maibach serves as a Political Advisor of the Virginia Patriot Fund. Michael Maibach is a seasoned professional in global business diplomacy, with successful careers at the European-American Business Council, Siebel Systems, Intel and Caterpillar.  Since 2012, Maibach has chaired the Alexandria Republican Roundtable, a Virginia state and local PAC, to provide a venue for political debate, and support the election Virginia state and local GOP candidates.

Today he serves on the Boards of the Witherspoon Institute, the Washington Jefferson & Madison Institute, the Faith & Law Institute, the John Jay Institute, the James Wilson Institute, and the Advisory Boards of the Institute of World Politics, and the World Affairs Council of Washington DC.  Mr. Maibach earned a BA & MA from Northern Illinois University. While at NIU, he was elected to the DeKalb County Board, the first person elected to public office under 21 years of age in US history. He earned a BA from California State University, a BS from American University, and an MA from Georgetown University. He is a member of Christ the King Church Anglican Church Alexandria.